Enjoy New Year Fireworks and Ride @CommuterLine

Every New Year, watching the fireworks is a must to celebrate the upcoming year. There are 3 places in Jakarta if you want to watch fireworks. All the places is around the Jakarta Commuter Train Station

Ancol Dream Land

Ancol, located in North Jakarta is the spot to see fireworks display. You can stop at Kampung Bandan Station then take a walk to Ancol Dream Land

National Monument (Monas)

It is always a hot spot to see the fireworks; there are many music performances to celebrate the New Year. The nearest station is Juanda Station.

Hotel Indonesia Roundabout (Bundaran HI)

The best spot in Jakarta to see the firework is the Bunderan HI. All years, many people come to this spot to celebrate New Year eve and see firework. The nearest station is Sudirman Station.

PT KCI is also already announcing that they will operate more times to accommodate the New Years eve. Here is the schedule:

Yellow Line

  • Bogor – Kampung Bandan: 23: 15
  • Kampung Bandan – Bogor: 01:25

Red Line

  • Bogor – Jakarta Kota: 23:50 and 00:15
  • Depok – Jakarta Kota : 23:45
  • Bogor – Depok: 02:58
  • Jakarta Kota – Bogor: 01:03, 01:45, and 02:20

Blue Line:

  • Cikarang – Jakarta Kota: 02:12
  • Bekasi – Jakarta Kota: 00:40 and 02:18
  • Cikarang – Bekasi: 02:47
  • Jakarta Kota – Cikarang: 01:08 and 01:30
  • Jakarta Kota – Bekasi: 02:20

Green Line:

  • Parungpanjang – Tanah Abang : 00:10 and 00:40
  • Tanah Abang – Maja : 01:30
  • Tanah Abang – Rangkas Bitung: 01:50
  • Maja – Parungpanjang : 03:10

Brown Line:

  • Tangerang – Duri: 01:01
  • Duri Tangerang: 02:00

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