2017 Annual Report

The Small Number




In 2016, more than 4.5 million travelers visit the Statue of Liberty. This blog was viewed more than 611.000 times in 2017. If it were an exhibit at the Statue of Liberty, it would take about 7 days for that many people to see it. Most of our visitors are female and have a college degree and they are browsing from the workplace.

Visitors of jakartabytrain.com came across the globe including the United States, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Australia, Japan, European Union, Netherlands, and United Kingdom. Of course the visitors from Indonesia occupy the top place.

Our Social Channel

To promote content in jakartabytrain.com we use various social media such as twitter, facebook fan page, instagram, and telegram channel.

Our follower on twitter @jakartabytrain about 3564 follower while we have only 410 fans in our fan page and 403 follower in instagram. We also establish an official telegram channel which subscribe by a shy number – 11 subscriber.

We also featured at some several media in Indonesia:

Partnership Offered

    Services Offered jakartabytrain.com is available to do partnership with brands or business with focus for Sponsored Topics, Project Sponsorship, and also Media Partnership.

    If you have product or business which related to our mission, you may choose a Sponsored Topics. Sponsored Topics is only applicable for 350 words/articles and it is include with links and pictures.

    Project Sponsorship is only limited for #turKRL and E Book

    Media Partnership is available for Events related issues

    About the jakartabytrain.com

    Jakarta is widely known with the horrible traffic jam and by using the Jakarta modest train system, you will be free from traffic jam and it is faster than any other public transportation in Greater Jakarta. Founded in 2 August 2012, jakartabytrain.com consistently providing information on how to travel in Greater Jakarta (locally known as Jabodetabek) with the Jakarta modest train system.

    We deliver information in English and/or in Bahasa Indonesia. Our contents are focusing on travel destinations across Greater Jakarta, stories, news, and events.

    All travel destinations should be on maximum 30 minutes by walks from the closest Commuter train stations


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