All About Soekarno Hatta International Airport Railways Train

If you arrive in Soekarno Hatta International Airport (SHIA) and want to travel to the city center or vice versa, you may take the newly SHIA Railways or Railink (the company brand). To take the train at the Airport, you should take the skytrain first to reach to the SHIA Station. No need to pay anything to take the Skytrain.

The SHIA Railways train route is:

Manggarai, Sudirman Baru, Duri, Batu Ceper, and SHIA Station

But at the moment you can only take the train at Sudirman Baru, Batu Ceper, and SHIA Station.

The ticket fare from Sudirman Baru to SHIA is IDR 70.000 (USD 7) while ticket fare from Sudirman Baru to Batu Ceper is IDR 35.000 (USD 3.5) and ticket fare from Batu Ceper to SHIA Station is IDR 35.000 (USD 3.5)

If you want to purchase of SHIA train tickets, it can be made through apps in itune or in the playstore. You may also buy the ticket through reservation page or you buy it directly at the station with any major credit card. Cash payment is unacceptable

Please see the schedule for SHIA Railways Train here

In you want to take the Jakarta Commuter Train, we suggest you to stop at Batu Ceper ARS Station and go to the Batu Ceper Station or stop at Sudirman Baru Station and go to the Sudirman Station.


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  1. punyapista says:

    Wah ketinggalan nih aku, belum coba naik kereta bandara. Duh jadi gak sabar mau ke bandara naik kereta 😛


  2. Kemaren sempat mati di tengah jalan kan ya keretanya? XD

    Pengen cobain euy kapan-kapan.

    Semoga segera ada kesempatannya 🙂


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