2018: A Year in Review

According to data in 2018, Bali was visited by 8.43 million foreign visitors. With the number of visitors in 2018 reaching 1,258,415, it only takes less than 8 days for this blog to reach the same total number of visitors.

On social media, we recorded a number of followers on Twitter as many as 3845 and in fan page as many as 432, and on Instagram as many as 468. Actually this number is not too impressive for us.

In 2018, the highest post accessed was Apa Jadwal Terakhir KRL @CommuterLine and This is the Schedule for SHIA Airport Express Train.

Besides Indonesia, this blog was also visited y visitors from United States, Singapore, Canada, India, Malaysia, United Kingdom, and Australia

Thank you for everything


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  1. yuntango says:

    Congrats untuk semua yg telah berpartisipasi dalam website ini. Semoga makin baik di tahun 2019. ^^


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