Ticket Fare

There are two electronic ticket for CommuterLine. You can buy single trip ticket (known as THB) or you can buy multi trip ticket (known as KMT). The multi trip ticket can be reload if you are out of credit.

The multi trip ticket can be purchase for Rp. 50.000 (Rp. 20.000 for the ticket and Rp. 30.000 for the credit balance)

The fare for commuter line is based on the distance, for the first 25 kilometers is Rp. 3.000 and for the every 10 additional kilometers is Rp. 1.000. (applied on 1 October 2016)

For Multi Trip Card (Kartu Multi Trip/KMT) the minimum balance for travel is Rp. 5.000 (applied on 8 January 2018)

For Single Trip Card (Tiket Harian Berjaminan/THB) the guaranteed fund (jaminan) is Rp. 10.000 and it can be refund after you are no longer travel with CommuterLine (applied on 1 April 2015)