Travel Advisory


  • Commuter Line providing women-only carriages at the end of the train which is marked with the pink and a special sign
  • Commonly, many Commuter Line Station are not friendly to the disable person, senior citizen and  children using strollers
  • Keep in mind that it is free to use the public toilet at the station but many toilet in the Commuter Line Station is using developing countries hygiene standard.
  • Commonly, if you want to go to Commuter Line station, you have to be careful when crossing the street usually there were no bridges
  • Be careful when you cross the platform and railways specially in one level station
  • It is would help you if you can understand a few words  in Bahasa Indonesia, although most available information including all arrival and departure information deliver in Bahasa Indonesia and in English, but sometimes it only deliver in Bahasa Indonesia.
  • Prepare a cash to buy a ticket, the ticket fare for commuter line is based on the distance, for the first 25 kilometers is Rp. 2000 and for the every 10 additional kilometers is Rp. 1000. See the current ticket fare here 
  • Commuter Line Hub Stations are Tanah Abang, Manggarai, Jatinegara, Duri, Kampung Bandan, Citayam, and Jakarta Kota
  • The ticket checking would be conducted when you enter the platform, in the Commuter Line, and when you exit from the platform. If you do not have ticket you should pay a Rp. 50.000 (less than USD 6) fine
  • Be careful of your luggage and watch out for a pick pocket in several stations
  • Please not use Commuter Line during rush hour at 6-9 and 16-18. You can not easily come in and come out from Commuter Line
  •  If your Commuter Line Station destination is not at the beginning and/or the end of the Commuter Line Station route, please calculate how many stations will be skipped, because almost no information available inside the Commuter Line about stopping at the moment
  • Please be aware that several stations are in active, such as Pondok Betung and Ciater (Green Line), Mampang (Yellow Line), and Cipinang (Blue Line), Gambir (Red/Blue Line)